Evolution of Horror Essay

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Joshua An
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18 April 2013

The Evolution of Horror For centuries, stories of monsters, demons and other unholy abominations have brought fear to the hearts of audiences in commercially convenient doses. Noel Carroll, Ph.D., in his article “The Nature of Horror”, argues that the existence of monsters and supernatural entities alone do not define a horror novel or film “for monsters inhabit all sorts of stories, such as fairy tales, myths, and odysseys, that we are not wont to identify as horror” (Carroll). One can therefore infer that the absence of such creatures in either media can absolutely still yield a work in the Horror fiction genre.
The genre of Horror draws its roots from many sources. It has,
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In the twentieth century, advances in the film and media industry led to the exploration of horror in cinema. Many of the horror films produced in this time were shaped by the novels of the previous century, if not based on them. Some of the 19th century novels that were re-written as scripts for film include works such as The Werewolf (1913) and Sleepy Hollow (1980). With the transition to film, audiences could experience horror in a way previously impossible. Horror novels, similarly, continued to thrive during this time. The Haunting of Hill House (1959) was also a staple of 20th century Horror literature. This novel clearly demonstrated popular horror devices contemporary to its time by its utilization of its audience’s fear of the unknown. For most of its existence, horror thrived as a genre and continually reintroduced fear to many audiences in new and revolutionary ways. Today, horror is popular in both literature and film. Since its humble beginnings, horror was intended to bring fear as close to life as possible by attempting to realize the impossible. Horror has evolved in such a way that now audiences crave both supernatural elements and realism. As film and media evolved, the horror genre has also expanded its ranges and dynamics. Within “Horror” subgenres were created, such as sci-fi horror and suspense/thriller. From gothic literature to the parodies of horror classics, one can identify elements of a diverse variety of

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