Evolution Of Football Research Paper

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Johna Laubach
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15 February 2017
History of Football Evolution occurs in all aspects of life. Everything does not just stay the same; it is constantly evolving in many ways either to improve daily life or to make life easier. The history is important to learn how to evolve into what there is now. Such as sports, technology and even clothes, they cannot evolve without the history of them. The history of football is important to athletes, because the evolution of the pro leagues, equipment, amount of points earned and the rules and regulations are constantly changing. The birth of the pro leagues continues to make an impact on today’s society. There was not a lot of football teams until 1980, then afterwards most athletic clubs had a team. It first began November 12, 1892 when William (Pudge) Heffelfinger was paid $500 to play (Chronology of Professional Football 353). However American football was still relatively new in 1892, where it originally stemmed from rugby and soccer. Today, there is still rugby and soccer, even some soccer players come and will be a team’s kicker. Then in 1893 halfback Grant Dibert signed the first known pro football contract. By 1995, men were openly becoming pro; many got
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When American football first started out, a touchdown was 4 points. However, in 1898 the touchdown changed from the original 4 points to 5. Then again in 1912 the touchdown was changed from 5 to 6 points, which is what today’s society uses. The field goal is another way of scoring. When a field goal is attempted, the player attempts to kick the football, wherever they are at on the field, through the uprights. A field goal at the start of American football was 5 points. However, times changed and it was changed from 5 to 5 points. Then once again in 1909, the field goal changed from 4 to 3 points. Today’s society still uses the 3-point field

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