Evolution Of A Neo Darwinian Framework Essay examples

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Evolutionary biologists such as Richard Dawkins1 , Paul Meyers2, and Jerry Coyne3, and philosophers of science such as Daniel Dennett4, Micheal Ruse5, and Peter Singer6 have produced differing defences and explanations of Darwinism, its roots, and its various implications within a Neo-Darwinian framework. In many cases, these have been intended for wider consumption beyond academia and have incorporated the promotion of Darwin as a unique historical agent, with Dawkins arguably leading the pack in public presence. These select commentators can be described as the scientific and philosophical nucleus of public Neo-Darwinism, providing academic validity as well as a factual backing of sorts to historical narrative. As well as this certain outside philosophical and political interests have been brought into the debate, most frequently the question of whether Darwin promotes materialism, agnosticism, or atheism.

A selection of sympathetic literary figures also came to be affiliated with Neo-Darwinism within the public eye. The literary movement grew mostly from the defensive footing that Neo-Darwinism was placed upon by the American Supreme Court 's controversial 1987 decision to promote Darwinian evolution in secondary education in Edwards vs. Aguillard7, effectively politicising the subject and prompting wider debate amongst a multitude of groups within the United States of America and beyond. These writers have varied greatly in profession and affiliation, from sympathetic…

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