Evolution : Creationism, Intelligent Design, And Evolution Essay

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Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Evolution, three words that seem to be thrown around a good bit, but which of them is “right”? Well, if you define “right” as being the most factual, then Evolution is, by far, the most :right” of these ideas. There is a mountain of evidence for Evolutionary Theory, such as genetic similarities between different species, following change over time in the fossil record, and even seeing Evolution in action. It is because of this evidence that many individuals are of the opinion that the Theory of Evolution is what should be taught in schools. So, what exactly is Evolution? Evolution is a prominent theory used to explain the wondrous biodiversity on Earth. Some people might be tempted to say that is is “just” a theory, but this would mean that Relativity, electricity, and even gravity are all “just” theories(Quammen). When scientists use the word theory they mean an explanatory statement that fits the evidence, not just something they thought up in a moment. One of the most important ideas of Evolutionary Theory is a process referred to as Natural Selection. This is the gradual process in which traits become more or less common in a population depending on the effect they have on the reproductive success of a creature. We can follow the gradual change in species caused by Natural Selection through the fossil record. In the fossil record we can see the remains of creatures long dead. People generally do not have to worry about being eaten…

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