Inequality Of Possession Essay

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Inequality of possessions, competition, borrowing and lending are found in the next three chapters. The key topic is that each can bring glory to God. Per the Bible, Grudem (2003) states, “that there are varying degrees of reward in Heaven and various kinds of stewardship that God entrusts to different people” (p. 51). God rewards people with different amounts of possessions based on the task that God has set before them. With inequality of possession, people become competitive. Some may do a better job than others, so they get paid at a better rate, which is a type of competition. Others might make a better product, so their sales increase, which is another type of competition. Competition makes us want to excel and prosper, which can create …show more content…
The attitudes of the heart can either be good or bad. Depending on the type of fruit a person produces is what characteristics can be shown in business. Just like the Bible verse found in Matthew 7:17-20 NLT, “A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit.” A good business person can produce good fruit, but a bad business person will produce bad fruit. The attitude of the heart of the employers and employees will determine the goodness of the business. By having a good attitude of the heart, one will give to the poor. Giving to the poor is incorporated into each chapter because it is a responsibility of the …show more content…
Grudem (2003) speaks about the benefits of competition, and I agree that it makes us want to do better, at least most of us. However, I feel that competition creates more evil than good. Grudem (2003) mentions the evil slightly, but glosses over it. From the article “Is Competition Godly?” (n.d.), Albatrus is completely against the thought of competition being Godly. Per the Merriam Webster Dictionary ( n.d.), competitive means, “of or relating to a situation in which people or groups are trying to win a contest or be more successful than others.” How can that be godly? Albatrus (n.d.) states that competition in business creates predatory pricing, corrupt people that can destroy the poor, honest businesses. Albatrus (n.d.) goes on to compare competition to a war because it defeats one person instead of fostering love. Personally, I do not like competition against others. I have an internal drive within myself to do better. I want better, and will strive to be rewarded internally for my efforts. Once I am in competition against someone, I shut down. I have found that jealousy of work performance can be a serious issue with colleagues. Often, I have found my superiors created competition between professionals, which in turn creates many temptations to sin. I agree that competition can create excessive work, distort life values, and pride as Grudem stated (2003). Competition against others

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