Everyone Understands : Styles Of Apess And Bradstreet Essay

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Nobody Understands: Styles of Apess and Bradstreet Looking at self in the mirror is harder than meets the eye. Having to look at flaws, regrets, and disappointments that occurred in one’s life can be devastating. It is easier to judge someone else’s life and telling them, then looking at self. By facing self and dealing with all the flaws one becomes “healed” or at least the process has begun. Apess, an Indian looked at as an outcast and constantly judge by their way of living. Bradstreet, a wife, mother, and a writer, goes from day to day to hold her head up and look at all the good God has given her. Apess and Bradstreet both look at self in a unique sense that makes one wonder if examining self-first is a better way to live.
Generally speaking, Apess reflects on Caucasians throughout his essay to relate how he was treated differently. Not to mention during the 1800s, racism was heavily for African Americans and Indians. In the essay An Indian’s Looking-Glass for the White Man, Apess said, “God who is the maker and preserver both of the white man and the Indian, whose abilities are the same and who are to be judged by one God” (pg.499). This essay uses religion to make white Christians sense how God makes white and Indian people. So how can a white man disrespect an Indian person and that is God’s creation. Apess says that it does not matter your race, the person still has the same skills. Therefore the race should not determine how a person should respect another human…

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