Everyon: Special Education Is The Key To Success

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Children will always have the future in their hands, whether it’s this generation or the next. I want to contribute to the success children want to strive for. Being able to impact another human beings life is what leads me to pursue my teaching career. Teachers have the capability of shaping an individual by guiding them down the right path. They become influential in student’s lives, they are people students look up to. I want to be apart of that experience where a student views me as their hero or their mentor. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing a child strive with my help. I would like to specifically concentrate on working with special education students. There are children who are in need of special attention, but they are neglected by society. Society outcasts these children making them feel like they incapable of achieving the same as a child who is considered to be “normal.” I want to break that chain; every child should be given an equal opportunity at success. Special Education students should be treated with the same respect as any other student. There should be no differentiation on who can be successful. …show more content…
This quote relates back to the idea of education, providing individuals with ample amounts of opportunities. With education you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to. Education is the foundation/base of your success. The educational system should not be able to determine who they believe is likely to succeed. Education should provide children with an escapement from their personal life and serve as an introduction to their future. Education provides individuals with the tools necessary for developing a career. Without education, individuals would not know the basic rules of life, such as such as interacting with others. With education comes along an ample amount of opportunities that can lead to the success of the

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