Events Of World War I Essay

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Events of World War I
“Serb Student Assassinates Archduke and His Dutchess” read the headline of the Washington Times on June 28, 1914 (“Serb Student”). The assassination of the archduke was one of countless events of World War I that resulted in enormous effects. During the time of World War I, militarism, gas warfare, and the Zimmermann Telegram also showed to affect the world. Competition between the Central Powers and the Allies proved to be the main cause of these events and the effects of these are now evident. Militarism, the assassination of the archduke, gas warfare, and the Zimmermann Telegram are four events in World War I that had extreme effects.
As a consequence of militarism, “there was an increase in military influence on policy making” (“Militarism”). Not only was the military dynamic, but an armaments race also prevailed from militarism. Between 1900 and 1914, the Central Powers and the Allies raced against each other to construct the strongest military. “In general, all the powers increased their stocks of arms, produced more modern weapons of war and built more strategic railways” (“Militarism”). Militarism also took to the sea. Germany passed various laws which allowed them to double their navy, while Britain introduced their first Dreadnought, a large armed fast battleship with 12 inch guns. Militarism affected the powers, as well as the whole world. The naval rivalry resulted in Germany believing they could transform into a world power through war and…

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