Events Led To The Boston Massacre

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Events that led to the Boston Massacre
From 1763 – 1775 the Stamp and the Townshend Acts were introduced that affected the economy and the way business is conducted today. These ruling created tensions between colonists and Britain’s government. In 1765 many American citizens protested against British enforcement of the Townshend Acts which proposed taxed on luxury items. Americans complaints would be unheard or addressed until the hearing of the Boston Massacre.
In 1765 the Stamp Act was introduced, this act would enforce citizens to pay taxes on printed materials such as legal documents, newspapers and other publications. This Act was seemed as an attempt for England to raise funds without the approval of colonial legislatures, would
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On October 1, the soldiers who were referred to as the redcoats marched through town. Many citizens were unpleased that British troops invading their city and would continuously spit and call them names. The soldiers were informed to not many townspeople due to them carrying weapons under their clothing and they would shoot to kill. The people’s goal was to prevent soldiers from carrying out their duty, this tension continued for eighteen months between citizens and …show more content…
He was informed that over 200 people had gathered and was planning to murder his men. He pointed out that he did not order his men to load their weapons or give anyone permission to fire. He stated that his actually instructions were to hold fire and that his intensions were to not react offensively, but to dispense the crowd. Preston also discussed how outraged the crowd was and that there were several incidents where his men were injured, Preston himself was struck on the arm. After about 20 minutes of being verbally and physically abused by the crowd four soldiers fired and the mob immediately disbursed accept for the men who were injured and those that had expired. After Captain Preston questioning his men they all stated that they heard the words fire and assumed it came from Captain Preston. There was so much commotion, screening and yelling that it was possible the soldiers hear the words “fire”

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