Essay on Events Leading For Independence : An Overview

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Events Leading to Independence:
In the 1760s, the colonies were prosperous, and there was no economic crisis. Also, they were not unified. And Irish was the only group clamoring for freedom. Seeing this, not many people were able to predict what revolution America will be witnessing in the 1770s.
Much happened in the decade from 1763 to 1776. The colonists were ignored in their attempts to address grievances, watched over like children, and (felt) unfairly taxed. Religious ideas rose to the surface; economies were crystallized, and, as always, political issues were the essence of many debates.
The Stamp Act 1765 was aimed at financing the British troops in the colonies through the tax on printed material including insurance policies, legal documents, magazines, and newspapers. The Boston Massacre took place in 1770 when some British soldiers opened fire on a crowd of colonists, wounding six and killing five men. The shooters were arrested next morning. However, a series of pamphlets depicting the event further increased the tension.
The British East India Company was provided monopoly under the cover of the Tea Act 1773 on the tea sale in the colonies. This Act increased the anti-British sentiment in the colonies. Colonists protested by getting on the Boston Harbor and throwing their tea cargo into the sea. Resultantly, British Parliament passed a series of laws and closed the harbor. The colonists held a convocation at the First Continental Congress in 1774 and decided…

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