Essay about Evaluation Systems : A Change Management Plan

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Evaluation Systems: A Change Management Plan
Regardless of a company’s hiring practices, onboarding processes, or HR systems put in place to retain employees, the process by which a company evaluates its employees likely has the greatest impact on the company’s ability to not only inspire great performance, but to build a sense of fairness throughout the corporate workforce. It is the evaluation process that not only inspires workforce confidence that a sense of fairness exists, but also taps into the workforce’s natural instinct to strive for achievement. Far too often however, particularly in the federal government, the formal evaluation process is supplemented either by other informal processes or worse, a system that has become known as the “good ol’ boy network” which more heavily depends on the degree to which people like one another versus an accurate accounting of one’s job performance or level of effort. For one particular organization, which for security purposes cannot be named, the formal evaluation process is little more than a paper drill while the true evaluation of an individual’s performance and readiness for promotion is akin to a formalized “good ol’ boy network.” To fully understand the need for change in this organization’s evaluation process, one must first consider the organizational structure, the current HR process for employee evaluations, the reasons, change is necessary, how that change should be implemented, the likelihood of resistance to…

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