Evaluation Of The Nursing Care Plan Essay

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Norma Valdez-Rosa
South University Online
July 14, 2016

EVALUATION The nursing care plan consists of five components and is the essential core of practice in order for the registered nurse to be able to deliver holistic patient centered care. The nursing care plan is a tool used to help identify patient problems and ways to meet the needs of the patients based on evidence based practices. The final phase of a nursing care plan is the evaluation; this is where the responses to the nursing interventions are reviewed to determine if the goals have been met. This is an ongoing process that helps measure the quality of health care that is being delivered and if goals are being met. The interventions selected for this aggregate are (1) teach importance of health care for diabetes, (2) provide education on the health risks of diabetes, and (3) provide education to prevent further complications of diabetes. The family that this care plan was developed for is described as follows: Family Assessment Data: Jose, Father, 36 year old Hispanic male, recently diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, overweight. Uses insulin twice a day and does glucose self checks before meals and a bedtime. Previous smoker of 1 pack a week, quit 5 years ago, social drinker. Jennifer, Mother, 31 year old Hispanic female, only health issue identified is being overweight. Kayla, Daughter #1, 12 year old Hispanic female, weight=125#, and…

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