Evaluation Of The Alos Experience Essay

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Evaluation of the ALOS Experience
Final Journal Entry

My placement at the Adelaide Legal Outreach Service (ALOS) has been an invaluable and eye opening experience. I was thrown into the deep end from the very start and faced many tribulations throughout the duration of working in a free legal service. No day or legal issue at ALOS was the same, each client and their case was a challenge in itself. However, this meant that I had to learn so many new things and develop a multitude of new skills to ensure I achieved my best.

Myself in a professional legal role
ALOS has taught me so much more about my capabilities as a person and a future career. I decided to enrol in this course as I was unsure whether I had the skills to make a successful lawyer. I really had no idea what the practical aspect of my future career would entail. ALOS has really given me a sense of what a career in law is and provided me with valuable skills to utilise in the future. This includes:

1. Coping mechanisms
ALOS has helped me to see the real harsh reality of the law and given me valuable mechanisms to cope with challenging clients. As Fienberg describes, the legal system deals with clients with many different personality disorders with certain exaggerated personality traits. Therefore, it is important to develop skills to be able to deal with all sorts of clients. Prior to ALOS, I would have been afraid and anxious to deal with different people in the community.

Throughout my placement,…

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