Evaluation Of An Upper Age Limit On Admission Essay

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Intensive care is an extremely expensive medical resource, and long term survival rates after admission are relatively poor (Parno et al 1982). As a result of both of these factors there are limitations placed on the number of beds available in intensive care units. Once it is acknowledged that these restrictions are necessary, it is important to determine and control exactly how the health service should be affected by these limitations. Admission to ICU could be limited as to provide each individual with the best healthcare available at the time, or to provide maximum fairness to individuals and the greatest utility to society. Throughout this essay, the idea of placing an upper age limit on admission to intensive care is used to illustrate the underlying issue of resource allocation and whether preferential healthcare treatment should be provided to the young. However, this broader issue will also be addressed.

Special care would need to be taken to observe guideline (iii). If an individual is a smoker, a medical professional would likely warn them of the consequences and direct them to cease smoking. This would serve to function as a second chance. Consider an individual who had been abusing alcohol and had been diagnosed with the early stages of psoriasis of the liver. Publicly funded healthcare would only be withheld if a doctor had warned the patient of the dangers of drinking. Otherwise it would not be fair.

Opponents of this idea might argue that there is no…

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