Evaluation Of An Area Of Criminal Justice Essay

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The major objective of this assignment is to select an area of criminal justice in which I feel needs to be improved , the area of criminal justice that I feel needs to be improved is that I feel that African-Americans needs to be treated fairly in the criminal justice system. If someone was to look at the statistics of African-Americans in the correctional system it would be alarming. In the last three decades the amount of inmates in American prisons have risen from 500,000 to well over two million inmates. The US has roughly 5% of the entire world population, but has 25% of the world’s prisoners. ("Criminal justice fact," 2014) When one goes to lack at the correctional system by Race, the results are surprising, out of nearly 2.3 million prisoners African-Americans make up nearly one million prisoners, when comparing African-American to whites, the African-American prison rate is six times higher than the whites prison rate. African Americans and Hispanics make up nearly 60% of the entire prison population, but only 25% of the entire US population. It is estimated that nearly 20% of all African-American males have been in jail or prison at one time in their lives, it is estimated that 33% of African-American males will spend time in prison or jail. When looking at the offenses that many African-Americans are doing time in prison for the top offenses are drugs, robbery, property, murder and assault. ("Criminal justice fact," 2014) In looking…

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