Evaluation Of Action Plan Evaluation Essay

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Action Plan Evaluation
When looking back on my action plan and how much of what we planned actually got done, I can see that as a class, we made an effort to stick to it – I just don’t think we made enough of an effort and I think we could have completed nearly everything when we planned to if we tried hard enough. On multiple occasions we moved dates forward because we hadn’t completed them. For example, on the 12th November, we were supposed to have auditions but we had to move that to the week beginning 19th November as we did not have enough people to audition yet. We as a class could have prevented this by sticking to our set timetable of who will be hosting sign-ups and when. Advertisements could have also been better by having more information on them.
Although we didn’t really stick to the action plan as much as we could have, it was really useful to have there so we could go through certain things as a class and set a deadline for them. Having a deadline there meant that we could at least try to come close to what we set date-wise. It did help us if you look at the action plan because you can see that we were never more than a couple of weeks outside of our deadlines – so we were still trying to keep close to what we said we would do. It also helped us keep track of our planning because we could plan backwards from the show itself and note down all of the important events that would need to be done by the night. Looking ahead to all of our plans helped us get an…

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