Essay about Evaluation Of A Project Management

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Quality Methodologies Comparison
Overall, one of the primary functions of project management is (University of Pennsylvania, 2005) . While juggling a plethora of plans and tasks, project managers strive to increase the rate of projects flow, effectively utilize the time of team members, and minimize wasted efforts (University of Pennsylvania, 2005). However, with an onslaught of processes to control, a project manager simply does not have the time to address and evaluate easy and every task, request, or minor concern that will occur over a project’s lifecycle (University of Pennsylvania, 2005). Thankfully, there are multiple effective project management methodologies to assist in directing project managers, and their teams, in the direction of success.
Variety Of Methodologies Depending on the type of project, there will be great differences in the way a project should be managed. A construction project, and a software development project, will typically subscribe to completely different tasks, common languages, and naturally, different management methodologies. Therefore, it is not only important for project managers to throughly understand the type of task at hand, but also understand which type of management methodology will be the most beneficial to the project. While there are numbers types of management methodologies, some of the most common include the Lean Methodology, the Six Sigma Methodology, the Total Quality Management Methodology, and the ISO 9000…

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