Essay on Evaluation Of A Program Performance Evaluation

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1. PROGRAM PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: What are the essential steps of the program performance evaluation process? Who should perform program evaluations? What are the major objectives of performance evaluations? How should findings be used? Lastly what are the major advantages and disadvantages of performance evaluations? Program evaluation is “a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using information to answer basic questions about projects, policies, and programs”. There are seven steps involved in this process, listed in order: Pre-planning meetings, evaluation planning, fieldwork, workshop, summarize evaluation results, development of an action plan, and finalization. The first two steps are essentially the planning steps of the process. During pre-planning meetings, members discuss who are qualified to evaluate, when the evaluation is needed, what resources are needed, and what topics are to be discussed during the later steps. Evaluation planning involves organizing an effective team of managers and stakeholders, and figuring out how data will be collected. Steps three, four and five are the steps where data is collected and analyzed. During the fieldwork step, data-collecting groups are organized, and those groups then conduct interviews and observations in order to collect data. During the workshop step, the effective and problematic aspects of the team’s approach used to collect the data during the fieldwork step are discussed. The…

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