Evaluation Of A Developmental Interview Essay

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In this paper I will provide an analysis of a developmental interview, I performed on April 10, 2016, for about 20 minutes. My interviewee, Joan Murray agreed to sit down with me in conversation and answer a few questions about her life. This opportunity gave me the chance to explore developmental themes and think about how to apply developmental theory in live situations. I will demonstrate my ability to integrate principles I have learned over the past 12 weeks and put them into practice. I will articulate the stages of human development of my interviewee from the lens of Carol Rogers’ person-centered therapy approach, and the faith development of my interviewee from the lens of James Fowlers’ faith development stages, thereby describing how these theories are applicable or not applicable in my interview.
In this meeting I had roughly seven to eight questions prepared for the interview and the time was allotted for 20 minutes. I was only able to ask three major questions and a few questions as utilized the Rogerian technique and reflection throughout the interview. I believe I got more out of her using this method rather than asking a list of scripted questions. The opening question was, tell me about yourself. The second question was not a scripted question because half way through the allotted time, during her spill when I asked her to tell me about herself, I notice she talked about everyone else except for her mother. So I asked an unscripted question. I said, "I…

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