Evaluating Support For Children Who Disclose. Disclosure Is The Discovery Of Abuse That Was Bothering A Child

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Evaluate support available to children who disclose.
Disclosure is the discovery of abuse that was bothering a child. There are many support that are available for children. This support will help the child to over come the past and to start again new in life. There are many different supports available for young people and children who disclose abuse. Support include: counselling, therapy, confidential help line etc.
When a child discloses abuse they can be referred to a counsellor. A counsellor is someone who works with children in their difficult times. They are trained to support children and to listen to them with an open mind. They understand how the child is feeling and know how to talk to them. Counsellors offer support for the children and help them to overcome difficulties through counselling and support. Counsellors offers support but they don’t advise you. They don’t say ‘I think you should’, instead they say ‘whey do you think?’ Counsellors offers chances for young people and children to talk face o face about the abuse and comes to terms with it. The good points of counselling is that it will offers clear support for the children. It will help them to gain stronger confidence and it can help them to gain back there self esteem. When you share what is in your mind with someone who listens, it can give you peace in mind and you can make you feel better. You won’t feel heavy hearted anymore and councillors are the best people to share your feelings with because…

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