Evaluating Research And Determining Good Research From Bad Research

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Reflection Paper
Evaluating Bad Science
Evaluating research and determining good research from bad research is not as simple as one might presume the process to be. There are many factors to delve into in disseminating the data and its supposed findings. As simplistic as it sounds when one compares the old adage of
"you can 't judge a book by its cover", well the same could be true of a supposed landmark medical discovery.
Research is and should be timely, covering a broad spectrum of samples, and even diverse geographical and environmental considerations must be made. I oftentimes will hear of a new medicine or recommended medicine and see the list of possible side effects and wonder what exactly is the lesser of the evils; the affliction being treated or the potential disease or health hazards associated with the medicine. My mother has Crohn 's, Fibromyalgia and a heart condition in which the left bundle block sends faulty signals which indicate irregular heart rhythms, I mention this because she is the perfect example of many tossed prescriptions due to the possible side effects or her body’s reaction to the adverse side effects. If there are case that a symptom may occur, there is a very good chance that it will happen to her. Does any of this mean there was bad research; no, it most definitely does not. It simply means that in all the research there are still possibilities of some cause and effect that will differ from, say 25,000 subjects or 25 million subjects. This…

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