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Job Evaluation Exercise

1. Evaluate the jobs and prepare a job structure based on its evaluation. Assign titles to each job, and show your structure and title and job letter. (This organization places a major emphasis on the important role of teams.)
2. Describe the process you went through to arrive at the job structure. You should also be prepared to discuss the job evaluation techniques and compensable factors used and the reasons for selecting them.
3. Evaluate the job descriptions. What parts of them were most useful? How could they be improved?
4. Questions: does the job evaluation method used appear to affect the results? Do the compensable factors chosen affect the results? Does the process affect the results?
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Comply with all applicable health and safety odes. Help implement and support all regional programs.

Minimum 6 months retail food production experience, or equivalent.
Overall Knowledge of both front and back of the house operations.
Comprehensive product knowledge
Comprehensive knowledge of quality standards.
Excellent organizational skills.
Excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to train others
Demonstrated decision-making ability, and leadership skills.
Ability to perform physical requirements of position
Able to work a flexible schedule based on the needs of the store.

Job E
Kind of Work
Performs all duties related to dishwashing: unloading kitchen deliveries and cleaning all dishes, utensils, pots, and pans. May be responsible for prep work. Maintain food quality and sanitation in kitchen. Maintain a positive company image by being courteous, friendly, and efficient. Wash and sanitize all dishes, utensils, and containers. Assist with proper storage of all deliveries. Rotate and organize products. Perform prep work as directed. Provide proper ongoing maintenance of equipment. Maintain health department standards when cleaning and handling food. Perform deep-cleaning tasks on a regular basis. Take out all of the garbage and recycling materials. Sweep and wash floors as needed.

Entry-level position
Able to perform physical requirements of job.
Practices safe and proper knife skills

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