Evacuation Essay

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The lives of people on the home front were greatly changed by evacuation during World War II. How useful and reliable are these sources in explaining how people's lives were changed by evacuation during World War II. During World War II, children were moved to places such as the countryside due to area's being at risk of being bombed by the Germans. Pregnant women, teachers and the disabled were also evacuated. They all had to leave behind their families at home to move to area's where they were at lower risk of the bombing. All the evacuations took place on the 1st of September 1939, the evacuation was named 'Operation Pied Piper'. Over one million evacuees left London by train, all the children would have a label attached to them …show more content…
The source was taken place in 2004, so Dr. Penny Starns may not have witnessed what evacuees actually went through and may have went off some views of evacuation, this source is useful as it shows there are also negative opinions on evacuation then just positive and lets you know her thoughts and feelings, this source is reliable as she is a professional historian and most likely used several sources to make sure it was balanced she also would have the benefit of hindsight, Dr. Penny Starns would have no reason to lie because if she was to lie her reputation would be on the line. This source suggest that lives would be changed dramatically for the worst.
In Source A6, it is a part of Bernard Kops autobiography talking about his experience of evacuation, his experience was extremely positive as he witnessed things he didn’t even did at his own home, he was finally able to use a toothbrush, he never cleaned his teeth before then, it was most likely a scary experience because he saw things he might not of known existed, he had clean sheets and a lavatory upstairs. This is useful as it how what his experience was like moving from his high-risk home area in London to a village in Buckinghamshire, it is also reliable as it was written less than 25 years after the evacuations had taken place, it could also be slightly exaggerated because he is to make his book more interesting which means

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