Essay on Euthanasia Should Not Be Legal

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Many people feel we should be able to end suffering of the ill. Euthanasia is a big question and topic in the United Kingdom today. This is when someone who is ill is receiving medical help to stay alive, when they do not want to stay alive. Someone either a loved one or a doctor is helping them to die. This is a contemporary issue because it is being debated in the media and Scottish Government about its legality in Scotland. I saw it being discussed on the news and thought it would be an interesting subject to study. The media interest is obviously caused by people requesting it. If modern medicine has the knowledge to make a death painless, why can they not use it if asked?

Euthanasia is Greek for painless death. There are two main topics of euthanasia. These are Voluntary Euthanasia, which is when you receive medical help to die at your own request. Involuntary Euthanasia, this is when a person is unable to make a choice between living and dying. According to the World Federation of Rights to Die Societies voluntary euthanasia was found out by a group of doctors, lawyers and churchmen in 1935. Their aim was to make it legal for you to receive medical help to end your own life when you have an illness that is taking over your life and you just do not want to go through it anymore. You can also do this yourself by refusing to eat, have treatment and asking for treatment to be stopped (such as life machines). Involuntary Euthanasia is when a person is…

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