Euthanasi A Controversial And Researched Topic Essay

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Euthanasia is is very widespread, controversial and researched topic. Euthanasia is originated from the Greek word for “good death”. It is the practice of ending someone’s life by lethal injections or suspended health treatment. People who are anti-euthanasia may refer to it as “physician - assisted suicide”. Euthanasia is also the most actively researched and debated subject in bioethics. It is illegal in majority of places, but there is some places where it is legal such as Oregon. If it were to become legal other places it eliminate cost cutting for health care advisors. Euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands. About 9% of deaths in the Netherlands in 1990 were from the practice of Euthanasia. The potential consequences of euthanasia, which is technically considering manslaughter or murder, is 14 years of prison. In January 2007, a survey was held and results showed 45% supported at least giving, the terminally ill, patient the option of euthanasia. Euthanasia can be beneficial by the medical perspective, the funds and costs on our economy, and your quality of life.
In all places where Euthanasia is legal, it is only offered to the terminal illnesses. A terminal illness is a disease that cannot be cured. It is expected to result is the death of a patient within a small period of time. The term “terminal illness” is used when seeing more serious problems in a patient, such as cancer or advanced heart disease. With all the facts and evidence it is pretty safe to say,…

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