Essay on European Unions And The European Union

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Recently, the UK had a referendum regarding if they should remain as members of the EU or leave. As it is known, the UK left the European Union and this was led by many factors which some argue, aggravated throughout the years. The referendum had a purpose to give the UK citizens the option to vote according to their willingness to stay in the EU compared to the issues they were facing.
By cause of the wide international repercussion the referendum had, it will be analysed what led the UK to leave the European Union and evaluate the pros and cons such decision had in the country.

The European Union has as aim the intention to establish close economical and political relations between its members; allow the easiness to travel and reside across the EU countries and most importantly, secure strong trading relations between its members by setting few regulations in the exchange of products and services. (BBC)
As a result of the 2008 crises, some countries such as Portugal, Spain and Greece suffered a large decline on their economic power and therefore needed constant help from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The IMF mostly funded by its members countries through their payment of quotas ("Where The IMF Gets Its Money"), often seek help of stronger economies as a mean of rescuing falling economies. Simultaneously, the migration of people from other member countries, predominantly from east Europe and essentially in the years 2004-2008 ("Migration Watch UK | European…

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