European Conquest Of The Americas Essay

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European Conquer of the America’s

European conquering of the Americas was made possible with the technological advances the Europeans had at the time of arriving in the New World. The Spaniards and Portuguese employed such resources as the use of the steel sword, armor, muskets and cannons against the native’s bows and arrows and wooden clubs. Use of the horse in battle gave the Europeans an advantage over the native’s since they feared the animal. European culture gave them an advantage since they recorded and passed down detailed information and knowledge including navigation, technology and conquest of the New World and of Native people of the region. The European desire to find new land and search of treasures gave them an aggressive approach witch the Natives did not realize it was a fight for land until it was too late. Most effectively Europeans brought with them deadly diseases that devastated the native people of both North and South America. By employing these technological advances against the Native Americans allowed Europeans to conquer the Native people of the America’s.
Europeans arrived in the New World with Musket firearms, cannons, amour and steel swords. The Native people had wooden and stone clubs as well as the bow and arrow. “The muscles of Mexican warriors could not match the power of cannons and muskets fueled by gunpowder.” It was easier to teach a European how to handle and fire the Musket while the use of the bow and arrow required years of…

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