European Colonization Of North America Essay

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DBQ: European Colonization of North America, to 1660 By 1660 multiple countries had established colonies in North America: including Spain, England, France, and the Dutch Republic. While most of these countries had the same intentions for the new world, such as making large profit and establishing colonies, each country pursued this intention differently. Some countries failed in doing so, while others prospered. Although many countries established colonies on the eastern seaboard of North America, France was the most successful country due to its establishment of permanent settlements, development of a workable economy, and securement of a stable relationship with the natives.
Many countries attempted to establish permanent colonies in North
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Each country approached the native americans in a different way. England began with a strong relationship with the indians, but after forcefully taking resources this relationship began to deteriorate, resulting in the first and second Anglo-Powhatan war among many other things. The Spanish had one intention for the natives: convert them to christianity (Doc. B). With force and usually violence, the Spanish attempted to convert the indians to christianity, which resulted in the deaths of many indians and forced many to practice a religion they did not believe in. Needless to say, the efforts of Spain destroyed the possibility of any positive relationship with the native americans. Contrary to both England and Spaine, France created a positive relationship with the natives: “The savages often took [the Frenchmen] for spirits and gods; if any tribe had Frenchmen among them, it was sufficient to make them feel safe….”(Doc. D). To the natives, the French were pure and knowledgeable like a “God” of great power. When with the Frenchmen the natives felt secure and “safe”, suggesting there being a bond of trust between the two. Positive relations with the natives was a large convenience to the French and was a key a factor that led to their success in North

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