Essay European Colonization and African American Development

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European Colonization and African American Development During the period of 1885-1905, as Africa was divided into 55 small states, an era of economic tug-of-war between the British and the French known as “The Scramble for Africa” became the target of prosperity. While campaigned to end slavery and all affiliations with the slave trade, this method of colonial rule not only effectively controlled various territories, but also altered the lives of indigenous African people. Through tactics of indirect and direct control performed by the Europeans, land was seized in the midst of turmoil between the opposing parties as imperialism was established in the continent of profitable resources. As a significant and major impairment in the …show more content…
Colonization can thus be viewed as a bridgehead in a campaign to civilize barbarism, from which there may emerge at any moment the negation of civilization (Cesaire, 40). Serving as the umbrella term for colonialism and capitalism, imperialism is the name that is given for foreign control over a people’s territory and resources. By implementing a system of free enterprise and colonial policies on cash crops, Africans were being cheated though a method that only Europeans could benefit from. Colonial policies were placed on cash crops, causing reliability to be upon a single staple product that was to be produced by each established colony. The strategies were effective, yet detrimental to the land that they were being grown on because the continual harvesting led to the depletion of soil. From the actions displayed and enacted by the British and French leaders, the conclusion can be drawn that modern imperialism and modern industrialism are one in the same system, and a root and branch of the same tree (DuBois, 2). Although imperialism focuses on ruling over foreign territories, industrialism pinpoints an economic system built on forming industries, while either failing a financial system or taking advantage of the needs of people. Both methods had an equal impact on African society and worked simultaneously with one another to the benefit of the colonizers, but still left the colonized as subjects of

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