Essay about Europe Is Tested With Flood Of Immigrants

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Europe is Tested with Flood of Immigrants
It’s common for one to read or hear about humanitarian crises in third-world countries, feel subsequent pity, and then return to his/hers expected, everyday life. However, Europe has no choice in putting such matters to the side; the aftermath of said crises is right on its doorstep.
Migrants from all over, Syria, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Eritrea, Serbia, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Russia, and Albania, among others, are surging into Europe. The numbers vary from approximately 17,000 to over 120,000 per nation, with Syria leading with slightly over 120,000, and Afghanistan in second place, comprising a little under 45,000. In total, it’s an estimated 625, 920 people fleeing the poor conditions of their countries.
The migrants have gotten where they are by foot, train, bus, or across the Mediterranean. They’ve traveled by water to Italy, or across eastern European nations and the Balkan. Some, such as Syrians, have even used Google maps to plan their journey and Facebook to get counsel from those who preceded them.
Tragedies have occurred during these journeys. Two boats filled with approximately 500 migrants sunk after departing Zuwara, Libya; 71 bodies were recovered from an abandoned lorry in Austria; a shipwreck near Italy’s Lampedusa island cost 800 lives; another 300 migrants are feared to have drowned while crossing the rough Mediterranean.
No matter the struggle to get to Europe, people from all different countries with varying…

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