Essay On Border Security

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There are currently more than 4,400 DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) officers working full time, dedicated to fighting drug sales and drug trafficking across the United States (“Trafficking Statistics”). What was previously mentioned became one of the particular reasons border security became stricter than what it was years ago. Imagine a country free to drug themselves openly, make individuals rich without paying tax while others do, allowed to bring in criminals, family members or others who will take place of a job your child could’ve gotten in a couple of years? There are many reasons as to how and why the U.S Immigration policy has changed. The U.S Immigration policy is a method of action where the government decides who are the people …show more content…
wrong! Ronald Reagan, the 40th president established the 1986 Immigration Reform & Control Act (IRCA) to reinforce the american borders, create sanctions and preserve jobs and resources for those immigrants and citizens who were legal. Those who weren’t legal or documented were taken into custody or given a fee to pay. “Since most immigrants, legal and illegal, come to the United States or work, an effective system of employer sanctions would, sooner or later, all but eliminate illegal immigration. Enforcing sanctions, especially in regions where the use of illegal workers was a way of life, would be difficult under any circumstances (Daniels, Roger)”. As the capitalist country the United states is, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc could only give opportunities and jobs to those who legally have their documents verified. Sanctions is another word penalties for breaking the rules or laws. These were made to rid those who, as said in the quote, had this as a normal way of living. It is a crime to hire illegal immigrants. Reagan passed the IRCA in order to let to be known that the U.S is a country that will share responsibility in opening up to those who need refuge and are looking for a better life, but it will only be open to those who are willing to take their time into applying for a validated visa, green card

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