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Euro 4 and Beyond –Role of Diesel Fuel Injection Systems Dr. Gerhard Ziegler General Manager (R&D and Application) Motor Industries Co. Copyright © 2004 SAE International ABSTRACT The Euro 4 emission norms can be achieved by the wellnd rd known 2 and 3 generation Common Rail Systems of BOSCH. The beyond Euro 4 emission legislation is a challenging goal for diesel engine manufacturers. Lowest emissions with highest engine performance, namely high specific power output, petrol like noise

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The main driver is the absolute low fuel consumption which plays a vital role for commercial vehicle fleet owners, as the fuel consumption covers the major part of the overall maintenance of the commercial vehicle fleet. Furthermore noting the fact that a modern diesel engine still represents the most robust drive train for commercial vehicles, the still rising challenge on life expectancy requirements of the diesel system, e.g. the fuel injection equipment, is ongoing.


The high-speed direct injection diesel engine has gained world-wide acceptance. It is especially successful in Western Europe where the market share of new registered vehicles exceeds 52%. It is predicted that the market share of diesel passenger cars will double by 2014 in the rest of the world. This is due to the wellknown advantages such as fun to drive, excellent fuel economy and good noise behaviour. As seen in Fig.1 the specific torque increased by a factor of 3 and specific power by a factor of more than 4 over the last 6 decades. In parallel the fuel efficiency improved by 50% and power increased from 33 kW to 171 kW.

Meeting the future emission legislation for the passenger car and truck diesel applications of the world market is a big challenge. To meet this challenge an overall system optimisation like fuel injection equipment, the engine, the combustion process and the exhaust gas treatment is mandatory. Facing the task
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