I M Nobody Emily Dickinson Analysis

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During the mid 1800’s in the town of Amherst in Massachusetts, lived a woman would one day be known as one of the greatest poets of America. This woman was Emily Dickinson born to a prominent family attended Amherst Academy. Dickinson grew up as a social and outgoing girl, but as she approached her thirties she became more reclusive and spent most of her time locked away in her room. During this time she spent in her room she was able to write many very short poems. However, most of her poetry was not discovered until after death when she left them around her room in fascicles, or the papers tied into little bundles. This poetry she created was very comparable to Walt Whitman and had a certain style that no other writer had experimented with before. Most people consider her poetry as freestyle approach of human nature …show more content…
Who Are You?’ by Emily Dickinson demonstrates the human understanding of individual self. “Dickinson is notably wary about any aggrandizement of the poetic self, however, and about heroic or idealizing notions of such euphemisms for that self as genius or imagination,” (Stonum). She describes in many of her poems how she views herself and how she wishes to be different from others. Dickinson believes that it is very important to be unique, even if others are to look down on it. She describes this in her poem about how she is a ‘nobody’ compared to others. However, this title is not something that she wishes to share with others; this is discussed in the first stanza, “Don’t tell! They’d advertise- you know!” Essentially, Dickinson displays two ideas through this poem. The first idea is that all humans have the realization that they are different from one another. The second idea is that humans understand that is important to be unique from the ones around you, and that it is impossible to be same as others. The poem ‘I’m Nobody! Who Are You?’ by Dickinson shows the human understanding of

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