Eugene Domingo: a Woman of Comedy Essay

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Comedy is a magical thing. Whether it be a book, film, or even a picture on the internet, comedy is something that has a positive impact of the person’s perception on things and it also makes them happy (Lockyer, “The Impact of Comedy). Some people are fortunate enough to have been gifted with comedy, to have the ability to make people laugh through their words and actions. Here in the Philippines, there are a lot of comedic actors and actresses who have been able to make people smile throughout the years through their talent and wit. One of the most notable comedic actresses in the industry today is Eugene Domingo. Her style of acting with the way she delivers her lines justifies her being one of the most critically acclaimed actresses in …show more content…
In this film, the Go Dong Haes have been living a successful life. Kimmy now owns an airline company and a hospital amongst other thing, and things are going well for her and her boyfriend, Barry. Dora is also doing well, as she now gets to take on bigger responsibilities such as being the designer to her sister’s events and things are doing great for her and her boyfriend, Johnson. But as a historic family secret involving their father’s past was revealed, things took a turn for the worst “as they discover their roots and become aware of their duty to be wed to the hideous heir of their family's business partners in order to eradicate a curse that all of sudden plagued their semi-serene way of life” (“Review: Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kiyeme”). This movie is different from the others because this one has an element of horror into it. The technical aspects of the film were great; the costume and set designs were meticulously done and supported the characters and scenes. Though the movie was a bit flat at times, it was truly the acting of Eugene Domingo which gave it life through both her characters. She was able to deliver her lines well, as she knows what tone of voice to use at the right time. Her ability to act as both serious and mature Kimmy to cutesy and childlike Dora contributes a lot to the film. In the scene where Kimmy criticizes how what Dora was eating for breakfast was “carbs on carbs on carbs on

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