Short Story Of Eudor A Beautiful Mermaid

In the midst of a sea as clear as diamonds and as blue as sapphires lived a beautiful mermaid with hair like white silk. Her name was Eudora. However, she was no ordinary mermaid. She was a witch. Ever since she was a child, she had manipulated the tides to bend to her will and had created precious riches out of nothing more than a grain of sand. One day, Eudora and her closest friend, Salacia, went for a swim and swam farther from their kingdom than they had ever swum before. In the midst of their travels, Salacia noticed a ship and she swam to the surface to view the ship more clearly, but the crew saw her. And she swam as fast as she could away from the ship, but it was no use. They had captured Salacia in a fishing net and Eudora watched in horror as they took her friend from her. Eudora swam to Neptune, Salacia’s husband, and she informed him of what happened. But Neptune blamed Eudora for letting Salacia be captured by the sailors. And unfortunately, he was also a Sea Warlock and stole her flowing hair and her melodic voice, leaving her with fragile and dry hair and a gravelly voice, condemned to exile in the marshes. And after years of solitude, Eudora succumbed to …show more content…
Eudora’s plan was working. But, not according to Eudora’s plan, the prince had found Diana and taken her to his palace. Eudora became nervous “I was not planning on them meeting so soon, he may actually marry her,”. And to Eudora’s dismay, the prince requested that Diana live with him in his palace. “How can he be so infatuated with her! She cannot even speak!” The Sea Witch grew frustrated with her plan that was so carefully forged. But, as she was watching the prince and Diana, Eudora heard the prince say that he wanted to marry the young maiden who had rescued him from the shipwreck. Eudora was elated, for there was no way for Diana to tell him that she was the one who had actually saved his

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