Essay on Ethnographic Research On Research Methodology

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Ethnographic Research Methodology in Practice
Ethnographic research is one of the dominant methodologies in my field of study. While I have read ethnographic research studies in the past, this project gave me an opportunity to actually study how the methodology was used in different ways. To select my articles, I went to a folder I created for a project I am working on with my research advisor involving ethnicity and race talk in classrooms. After reviewing the abstracts, I selected three articles that used ethnography and discussed ethnicity or race in some way.
Three Examples of Ethnographic Research Methodology
Themes of race, culture, and ethnicity are prominent in each of the articles discussed in this paper; however, the researchers of the respective articles studied these themes in different ways. Amanda E. Lewis (2001) explored the hidden curriculum of race in a mostly heterogeneous, white elementary school in America. Mica Pollock (2004) studied race and ethnicity categorization in a diverse, low income United States high school. Ann-Carita Evaldsson (2005) investigated how pre-adolescent boys in multiethnic peer groups in Sweden use insults and categorizations to show their masculinity. While each researcher had a different focus, the theoretical underpinnings of these articles were uniquely linked.
Theoretical Perspectives The theoretical frame for these articles consists of a hybrid of both critical theory and social constructionism, though neither…

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