Ethnocentrism : The Problem Of Ethnocentrism Essay

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Ethnocentrism is the tendency for individuals to place their own ethnic, racial, or cultural group at the center of their observations of others and the world. It is like a perceptual window through which people from one culture make subjective or critical remarks of people from another culture. It can be a major obstacle to effective leadership because it prevents people from fully understanding or respecting the viewpoints of others. For a leader to overcome ethnocentrism while remaining grounded in his/her cultural values, they must understand and tolerate the ethnocentrism of others. It is a balancing act for leaders and they need to be sensitive to the legitimacy of the ways of other culture (Northouse, 2013).
The disadvantage of ethnocentrism is that is causes people from an ethnic group to look down on those who are from other ethnic groups. As an example from the article “The Problem of Ethnocentrism”, Krayer mentioned that Americans tend to look down on other countries and pass judgement when we feel that they are doing something wrong. Reason being is that the USA is a wealthy country with a great infrastructure which makes us feel that we are better than others or that our way is the right way. When leaders are put into situations where they are over other ethnic groups, they must be able to think outside the box and be flexible with their employee’s culture (Krayer, 2013). “We are all ethnocentric, but if we become aware of our ethnocentrism, we can limit much of…

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