Ethnic Stereotypes Of Asian Americans Essay example

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Scholars have criticized the media for producing and pushing the Model Minority stereotype to the general public. Bob Suzuki, who published an article about thirty years ago in 1977, argues that the Model Minority is mostly a publicity stunt pulled by the media. Suzuki further states that although the Model Minority Stereotype seems misleadingly positive on the surface, it is erroneous and distorted, which proves as a liability for many Asian Americans. The Model Minority stereotype unintentionally downplays and degrades other nationalities. Therefore, Asian Americans bear a higher vulnerability to harassment, hate crime, and discrimination compared to other ethnic groups on top of the huge encumbrance parents and society has already placed on them. The Model Minority stereotype has also further damaged our chances of success in the United States. It has undermined all Asian American college applicants by spreading an extremely biased view of our success. Asian Americans have struggled against unfair standards in college and graduate school admissions for the last three decades. Although many top officials at prestigious schools such as Yale, Princeton, and Harvard strongly deny the existence of specific quotas set for Asian Americans, statistical evidence proves quite the contrary. The federal government even placed an investigation on certain colleges in the late 1980s after Asian Americans filed complaints that they faced higher admission standards compared to people of…

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