Ethnic History : My Family Essay

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Ethnic History
I am the first of my family who came to the United States. I am here as an international student, I came in 2010 in WA State, Spokane city. I was single and I came by myself without knowing any English word, my purpose is to continue my education and get my master degree in public health. It is a big challenge and a big change for me. Most of my family has not agreed for me to move here and study due to the misunderstanding of western cultures in our media. I remember that when my grandfather told me that if I travel to the United States I might get killed and died because of my religion and my race.
Coming from a different culture, language, religion and social life to new places is like diving in the sea and you do not which things you will face in your way. Since 2001 after September 11 the situation of my people and race become worse and complicated. The media and most of the western world are stereotyping all Muslims as terrorists and we are striving to see blood everywhere. Before I came here I watched my translator video about how the western people think about us as Middle Eastern people. In the media will find the picture of the Arab guy look angry and sad walking in mid of the desert and his camel following him. Another picture will find is how rich we are and we have the oil even inside our house! As you see these two conflicted picture presented us in the wrong way and people misunderstand who we are! We have the oil right, my government is rich…

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