Ethnic, Genetic, And Cultural Considerations Essay

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Ethnic, Genetic, and Cultural Considerations in Prescribing
Providers are accountable to be culturally competent, empathetic and knowledgeable with treatment options for patients. The following paper addresses pharmacotherapeutics, client compliance and advanced nursing practice. Also highlighted will be resources available to clinicians and how to educate a client on the identification or prevention of potential pharmacodynamics or pharmokinetic problems.
Ethnic, Genetic and Cultural Considerations
More than 1000 medications have ingredients that may be prohibited in various religions and cultures (Hoesli & Smith, 2011). In addition to religious beliefs, other factors may play a part in medication use such as a vegetarian lifestyle or genetics. Interestingly, research as shown that genetic factors play a critical role in medication dependence such as familial drug addiction; healthcare providers need to take into account a patients family history when prescribing medications (Mroziewicz & Tyndale, 2010). Often, healthcare providers only take into consideration patients’ current allergies when establishing treatment regimens leading to poor adherence or detrimental dependency by patients.
Becoming culturally competent in the health care setting requires understanding patient diversity and preferences. Communication is the key factor in building trust; however, there are resources available to help providers glean a greater understanding of…

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