Ethics and Counselor Essay

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Case Vignette1: Jessica
Jessica is sixteen years old, and is sent to the school counselor following concerns from her year level coordinator. Jessica is finding it difficult to concentrate in class, is continuously late to school, and often arrives to school disheveled and unkempt. The coordinator is concerned about what may be happening at home with Jessica, and that she may be getting involved in a notoriously bad circle of friends in the area known for drug taking and other delinquent activities. Although reluctant during the first few sessions to disclose anything much, Jessica begins to trust the counselor and opens up about her frequent drug use. She says she used to only smoke marijuana, but that now this had increased to weekly
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Then the counselor should try to understand by discussing with Jessica how she thinks her parents will react. Her family background could be complicated. In that event the counselor’s accurate judgment of the level of support the parent/s can offer is vital to the disclosure process. If the parents are up to their necks with their own problems relationship or work issues etc. it is very likely they won’t be in a position to offer much support and on the contrary may even resent her for adding to their list of problems. In such a scenario the counselor can either recommend family therapy if she thinks it will help Jessica and her family come to terms with her drug abuse and any other issues they may be facing. If however, the counselor either from Jessica’s account or from an actual meeting feels that Jessica’s family will not be able to offer the needed support then they will have to explore other possibilities like support networks for drug abusers etc
If on the other hand, Jessica’s family comes across as supportive and wanting to be with her as she tries to come out of the drug habit, the counselor can then make the most of their involvement and seek their help and understanding and complementing Jessica’s therapy.
Ideally Jessica informing them herself would be the best option. The counselor can offer her office as a neutral venue for them to meet and discuss, can also offer to be there to

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