Ethics: The Code Of Ethics In Nursing Practice

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Nursing practice is the foundation on which we provide competent care to patients. The guidelines we follow to provide safe, compassionate, competent, and ethical care are outlined in the Code of Ethics (Canadian Nurses Association, 2008). This code guides nurses in the minimum care that we should provide to our patients. Nursing practice needs The Code of Ethics to help teach nurses the kind of care we should be providing, and to also help when we face an ethical situation that needs resolving. It is an important tool to use when dealing with social issues. The code also gives input where ethical decisions may be blurred. There are many global issues that make the ethics of nursing more complicated due to an individuals’ beliefs and values. The Code of Ethics is essential to nursing practice not …show more content…
The actions we display regarding social values help to maintain social justice. The values we have as humans are different for each person and the values have a direct relationship with nursing care. An article on nurses who work in mental health found that there was a positive correlation between conflicts in nurses’ values and low job satisfaction (Stacey, Johnston, Stickley &Diamond, 2011). It can be difficult to integrate into the profession and be able to express all the values you have, which is a reason why the Code of Ethics is a great resource. It allows you refer to the guidelines of ethical practice to deal with any issue you have socially. Doing something for a patient when it is not required is part of nursing practice. These actions we display are not part of the core responsibilities but they are important aspects that we incorporate into our careers (Canadian Nurses Association, 2008). The Code of Ethics refers to responsibilities that are not required but are used as a tool for better nursing

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