Ethics Of Trust And Ethics Essay

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“Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great”(R W Emerson 1944). In everyday life, trust and ethics are usually conceived as closely related, intertwined concepts—one cannot go without the other (Van den Akker et al 2009). While there is much research on trust in leaders (Den Hartog, 2003; Lewicki, 2006; De Hoogh & Den Hartog, 2008; Dirks, 2002; Lapidot, 2007), few have paid attention to the importance of trust in ethical leadership in business. An environment of trust cannot exist outside the context of ethics. Research in organisational behaviour has shown that trust is a crucial (although arguable underrecognized) aspect of ethical leadership. Similarly, research by other authors (Fleishman and Harris 1962, Bass 1990, Hogan et al 1994) shows that trust is a crucial element of effective leadership behaviour. Ethical leadership behaviour fuels organizational trust, thus trust is an ethical equation (LeBlanc, 2014). In addition, trust is also often described as the glue which binds the leader to her/his followers and provides the capacity for organizational and leadership success (Mineo, L 2014). Just as leaders must trust employees to do the right thing, employees must also see and believe in the ethics of their leaders so as to trust them. Generally in any context, when a leader speaks it is important to be able to have confidence in the honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity of their words, this is the…

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