Ethics Of Government Regulation Of Smoking Advertisements Essay

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Ethics of Government regulation of Smoking Advertisements

There are many ethical issues related to the advertising of tobacco products. The banning of this type of advertising has been central to many Tobacco Control Programs. The main ethical issues at the root of this idea to either ban or continue to allow tobacco advertising involve many assumptions. For example, supporters of tobacco advertising tend to base the platform of their defense by arguing tobacco products are equal to all other types of consumer products -thus, it is unfair their product is not treated in the same manner as all other products. They argue it is discriminatory to restrict or ban advertising, and yet let others freely advertise their products. This is summarized as “if a product is legally sold, it should be legally advertised” [Chapman, 1996] The other side of the argument argues that tobacco is absolutely not equivalent to other mainstream products in the marketplace. Instead, they suggest because of its addictive qualities and the diseases caused by the use of tobacco it is not an ordinary product at all.

The case study “Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India” includes a study of the issues in favor and against the banning of tobacco. Summarized below are the arguments in favor and opposition of that ban:

Arguments in favor of the ban on Tobacco in India

Those in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising state that tobacco is a risky behavior, and that when used as intended, can kill…

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