Essay on Ethics: Morality and People

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August 2, 2013

Project Pt. 5: My Personal Code of Ethics

This was a very interesting project because I have never really concerned myself with my ethical beliefs or position. I just did what I thought was best without really thinking about it in this manner. I am glad that I had this class. It was very enlightening.
My beliefs and obligations to society is very simple, treat people the way you want to be treated. I am a firm believer of the Golden Rule. You will receive respect in the long run. I value the relationships that I have with others. I view this perspective as one in which I don’t really care what other people think of me personally, but I do try to establish myself as a fair individual. I never ever
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There are people in society whose sole purpose is to take advantage of other peoples kindness. I believe if you are not as consistent with helping an individual they will more likely not take advantage of you, not saying they won’t try but your inconsistency may keep them from succeeding. This approach will help guard you and force them to either help themselves or seek assistance from some other sources. In the long run I feel happy with this ethical moral code. I also look at it in another way. The down and out person who holds up a sign asking for money for food, I would rather stop by McDonald’s myself and get them a meal opposed to the money. Now you have actually took care of his main need without giving him money for which he might use for something other than what’s needed. A future situation involving me using my ethical system in the means of me rewarding or punishing someone would be when my youngest daughter graduates from college. She has already finished two years. It is very hard on her to work fulltime as well as attend school but she has a great determination like her father! I will try to make things easier on her by assisting with the maintenance of her vehicle. I will allow her to have her car put on my car insurance. I will continue with words of encouragement, because that’s what my wife does now for me, she continues to encourage me to stay motivated and to finish this educational journey that I am on. I

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