Essay on Ethics in Counseling

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Boundary Issues and the Dual Relationship


Jennifer Ewings Willis

PCN 505, Ethics in Professional Counseling

Dr. Gloria Gabler, Instructor

Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships

In the Counseling field, Counselors will encounter many instances of boundary

issues. These types issues will occur when practitioners establish more than one

relationship with clients. These relationships can be come professional, personal

and work related. In our field of work, boundary issues will occur when mental health

professionals encounter a potential or actual conflict in the professional, personal an or

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As a Service Professional, we must be mindful of the impact of the persons we

serve. I firmly believe that a person’s impact it not always clearly seen but is felt. This

type of impact can be demonstrated in different ways. For example, the Client may

misconstrue the Counselor’s well being as a personal friendship not as a working

therapeutic relationship. In this case the Counselor may also become attached to the

clients and view the relationship as a personal nature as well. This can only result into an

ethical dilemma when the counselor blend their progress of the relationship with other

kinds of relationship thus creating the Dual or multiple relationship. The APA, 2002,

Ethical of Psychologist and Code of Conduct, page 1065, defines a multiple or dual

relationship as a Professional role with one person and at the same time is an relationship

with a person closely associated or related to the person with whom they have the

professional relationship.

An example of this type relationship is the movie “ Are we there yet 2”, in the

movie, the actor Ice cube and his on-screen wife Nia long, and their kids move to a new

city and a new home. They meet the town Contractor, Dave who wears many

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