Ethics in Counseling Essay examples

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Ethics In Counseling

Ivan C. Brooks Jr.

Capella University

Suicidal thoughts typical stem from some trauma that one might be subjected to sometime in their lives. Suicide is not the answer but sometimes its what people seek for to obtain closure. I will discuss a situation where a sexual relations what used to rationalize an inappropriate and ethically wrong situation by a counselor.

This is taken direct from the text:
Dorothy, age 23, seeks counseling from Gerald, an LPC in private practice. Her goal is to work through issues related to the sexual abuse by her stepfather that she had endured when she was a child. After 2 months of counseling, Gerald initiates a sexual relationship with Dorothy. He rationalizes his
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Due to Gerald working in a private practice he will lose his license to practice counseling, and also this situation would have to become public records. If Gerald has done this to Dorothy there is a strong chance he has done it to someone else as well.
Having a Sexual attraction is not uncommon in the counseling relationship; most chemical dependency treatment professionals have experienced sexual attraction to a patient at some time in their career. Unfortunately, this sexual attraction is often ignored or not processed due to the taboo nature of a counselor viewing his or her patient as sexually attractive. This lack of acknowledgement and awareness of a common human response can have potentially harmful consequences on both counselor and patient. Sexual attraction to a patient is the first indicator of an increased risk for engaging in a sexual relationship with a patient. This does not imply that sexual attraction will result in sexual behavior; rather, that counselors who experience sexual attraction to a patient may benefit from a professional intervention. Processing the experience with a supervisor or consulting with other professionals could be beneficial (Broden & Agresti ,1998)
If I were the counselor who was seeing Dorothy my approach would be completely different. First thing I would do is getting Dorothy to tell me what happened, which may be the hardest thing to do. Many times

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