Ethics And Values Social Workers Essay

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living in poverty were in danger basically because he thought they would become lazy having things handed to them. He created this train that the children would get on and be sent to families who live on farms, though he had a lot of success with this movement, children were still being separated from their birth parents. This is why the preservation policy was created to help keep children in their homes with their families rather than in foster home or institutions. This movement was also created because a change was needed on an earlier policy known as family breakup, which pulled children out of unfit homes but at this time living in poverty was seen as unfit.
According to the NASW standards for social worker practice in child welfare Ethics and Values are found in “Standard 1. Ethics and Values Social workers in child welfare shall demonstrate a commitment to the values and ethics of the social work profession and shall use NASW’s Code of Ethics as a guide to ethical decision making while understanding the unique aspects of child welfare practice.” This is something that should be used by many social workers and agency’s when dealing with values, ethics, and political ideology.
The primary goals of family preservation are to prevent the separation of children from their families and also to improve the services to children and their families. This policy also values permanency for children by reuniting them with their parents, or with another living arrangement that…

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