Ethics And Morals : How Can You Make A Good Decision? Essay

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In the real world we have many things that are discussed, in regards to ethics and morals. Many would argue that in life there exists grey areas for every circumstance. It 's our job to make the best decisions in regards to a moral compass. The problem that comes along with making decisions, is the intent behind them. How can you make a good decision? Do you follow a written code, or do you follow your heart, and adapt to the situation at hand? Can you implement both into your decision process?

When we see current discussions in regard to sports, entertainment, and politics we tend to picture ourselves in the scenario of concern. For instance, if a football player was caught cheating, whether that be through steroid use, cheating on their spouse, or cheating in any other form, most would say that we would know better not to cheat, and that it 's not the wisest decision to do so in a multi-million dollar industry like sports. Many people would also see any form of cheating as a bad influence on kids, and adults, and that cheating would encourage other people to think cheating is an acceptable work ethic. For many, it 's an industry just like retail. While the sports industry 's is highly televised and the retail industry tends to have more scenarios of concern that go overlooked, they are both still industries that must maintain a work ethic to keep it functioning.

To see how cheating could effect an industry, one could simply talk about how it opens up doors for…

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