Essay on Ethics And Childhood Vaccination Policy

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In the journal article Ethics and Childhood Vaccination Policy in the United States, the authors are trying to make the point that more people should focus on childhood immunization. They focus on it from an ethical point of view, as many parents are refusing to vaccinate their children for various reasons. The article is trying to convey the message that vaccinating your child is not only beneficial for the child itself but also for the good of the community and society. The ethical issue that illustrated here is if healthcare workers are willing to sacrifice the patient’s autonomy for the greater good of everyone else. Another issue that this article points out is that it is not easy to put forth a policy that requires all parents to vaccinate their children. Simply put, you cannot force someone to get immunized against their will. The article is trying to find different ways of finding a balance between keeping the patient’s autonomy and making sure that there are no outbreaks that can affect an immense amount of people. The question that is asked: “Is there a responsibility on behalf of practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to be empathetic to the rationale underlying vaccine refusers’ decision” (Hendrix, Sturm, Zimet, Meslin, 2016)? When the article refers to the parents themselves, and their reasons as to why they do not want to vaccinate their children, it specifies that although their rationales vary, many of them are not medical or cultural, and that…

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